MAPLE HILL FARM BED & BREAKFAST INN, for QUIET LODGING IN THE AUGUSTA, HALLOWELL, and GARDINER MAINE area as an alternative to area hotels and motels

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You can click the button on the left to check availability or make reservations directly with us, but we always welcome a personal phone call.  Even if it says we have no availability, please call to get on a waiting list.  You can also click here for any last-minute specials we might have! 

   Photo Gallery 
The view from our front porch, where you can sit sipping sun-brewed iced tea or a cold Maine microbrew and view our farm animals frolicking in the pasture. On the bench there, joining our guests, is our cat Maxine who is no longer with us, although she greeted guests for about 17 years! 

We also have farm animals in the barn down by the road. Here you can visit with the following (Click on the links for sounds!) animals "up close and personal."  We offer guided tours of the barn in the morning from 8 am to 9 am on weekdays (and around 9:30 a.m. on weekends) while chores are being done, so just inquire when you are here!  At other times, you are able to visit the animals over the fence that comes right up to the front yard. (Don't worry about roosters crowing or barn aromas, as the barn and chickens are far away from the house, down by the road!)

  • Lots of llamas! They each have their own personality and are great fun to watch interact and frolic in the pasture.  The girls are Dolly Madison, Martha Washington, Celebration (the first llama to be born here at Maple Hill Farm) and Maartina (Born 2010, and she is very friendly).  The boys are Sundance, Bojangles ("Bo"), Prancer (born November 2007, and he loves to sniff new faces), Damhnait (pronounced "DAV-nat" meaning "little fawn," who was born in March 2008), and Pedro (our youngest born March 2010).

  • Dozens and dozens of chickens (we have many but our favorites are the lead rooster and Henrietta who sits on her eggs).  We often have new chicks running around the barn!  You can't beat the farm fresh eggs for breakfast!

There is also a lot of wildlife around our farm, including many birds at our feeder year-round, white-tailed deer in the field in the early evening, the occasional moose that crosses the field, and even wild turkeys in the yard or even crossing our driveway!  Be sure to check out the photos of our wildlife.


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