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If you are interested in using a gym facility, Age Right Fitness is located conveniently across the street.  As a precondition to using this facility, their professional standards require you to complete a brief “Pre-Activity Screening” form.  This questionnaire has been developed by the fitness industry as a way to determine one’s readiness for physical activity.  You may go to their website and download this form prior to your visit.  Please be aware, that if you answer yes to any of the 9 brief questions, then a physician’s release will be required.  This form is also on their website.  You may bring these forms with you or fax them directly to Age Right Fitness at 1-877-561-5234.  All information will be held in strictest confidence.  To access these forms, please go to:


You may call Age Right Fitness directly at 207-623-3550 or direct your questions to


Day Rate $10.00